Pastor Karren D. Todd
Founder, POWER Ministries & Project STAND
Sunday, October 30 | 4pm  |  Esplanade Memphis

presented by:
The Cowans-Todd Group
Power Ministries
Welcome to Project STAND 2016!

Project STAND is a community outreach event designed to support awareness and assist agencies with resources for Domestic Violence survivors. Project STAND was birthed in 2014 due to the rise of violent deaths resulting from incidents involving domestic violence. Unfortunately, the numbers continue to increase - therefore we must continue to stand. In 2016, the 3rd Annual Project STAND will continue the effort to provide a vehicle for concerned citizens of Memphis to become an active part of the solution.
Project STAND 20158
Our inaugural event in October of 2014 was successful due to the support and partnerships in the Memphis community. Click here for the photo gallery of the event and to see our 2015 sponsors.

Share Your Story
You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Not only are you beautiful but God wants to take the pain you have endured and make it into a beautiful story for His glory. Click here to share your story of HOPE and inspire someone to STAND.
Get Help to STAND
Click here for the phone numbers for local and national assistance. These agencies are trained to assist you in safely making an exit from an abusive relationship.
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Thank You To Our 2016 Sponsors
2016 Domestic Violence Awareness Event
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